Ayala High School

Dancing with the Staff

Fall Dance Concert

  • Friday, November 18th, 2022
  • Doors: 6:30 pm
  • Show: 7:00 pm


Good evening and welcome to the Ayala High School Fall Dance Concert, Dancing with the Staff. In Act One, we will enjoy Ayala’s favorite staff members grouped together with Ayala Dance Production students as they compete for the coveted Mirrorball trophy. In Act Two, we will watch Advanced Dance and Ayala Dance Production’s student choreography. This is an exciting concert for our students as most of the choreography is created by the dancers themselves and the dancers are performing these pieces for their 1st semester final dance project. Tonight is a wonderful example of the opportunities Ayala High School has for students to study dance, theater, and the arts. We are fortunate that Ayala families value the arts and have supported these programs. With over 150 students participating in our dance program, it shows that these artists have found a nurturing environment to learn, grow, and perform.

Special thanks to the Liu Family, the Hovey Family, the Martinez Family, Mr. Davis, Mrs. Sue DeVillez, Divine Milam, Ayala Key Club, the Ayala Administration Team, CVUSD School Board, Panda Express-Chino, Chick-Fil-A-Chino Hills, and Cannataro’s Italian Restaurant-Chino.

Thank you all for coming and enjoy the show!

Christina Hofstetter

Ayala Dance Director

Act I


Choreography: Isabella Liang, Brooke Masters, Mrs. Hofstetter

Ayala Dance Production, Ayala Staff


Choreography: Mrs. Hofstetter

Advance Dance

Cardi B

Choreography: Delaney Hovey, Taylor Martinez

Ayala Staff: Mrs. Mensen, Mrs. Sjol, Ms. Von Fleckles, Ms. Yeh

Bruno Mars

Choreography: Penelope Lasmarias, Amber Liu

Ayala Staff: Mr. Davis, Mr. Ly, Mr. Spellman

Lady Gaga

Choreography: Bella Galarze, Makayla Gonzalez

Ayala Staff: Mr. Hernandez Estrada


Choreography: Divine Milam (ADP Alumnus)

Ayala Dance Production


Act II


Choreography: Amanda Cathey

Ayala Dance Production

Fall In Your Eyes

Choreography: Lois Ahn, Jayda Darwin, Kaelyn Munemitsu

Lois Ahn, Jayda Darwin, Kaelyn Munemitsu

Autumn Snow

Choreography: Soraya Corydon, Madi Kaylor, Kayla Modesto, Malaia Reger

Soraya Corydon, Madi Kaylor, Kayla Modesto, Malaia Reger


Choreography: Taylor Martinez

Taylor Martinez

If You Love Me

Choreography: Amber Liu, Penelope Lasmarias

Ashlyn Banowetz, Kameryn Gomez, Penelope Lasmarias, Amber Liu, Olivia Pluma, Shelby Smith, Mason Stevens, Hailee Walker

Beauty Within

Choreography: Julianne Basurto, Trudy Chang, Emma Fox

Julianne Basurto, Trudy Chang, Emma Fox


Choreography: Alex Dollar

Alex Dollar

All Falls Down

Choreography: Bella Galarze, Brooke Masters

Kenneth Do, Brandon Duran, Bella Galarze, Jake Hirose, Kayleen Kim, Brooke Masters, Lindsay Shen

Sweater Weather

Choreography: Makayla Gonzalez, Delaney Hovey

Beverly Barajas, Erin Chhor, Alex Dollar, Makayla Gonzalez Addisyn Hamilton Delaney Hovey Yaël Tietz

Where I Stood

Choreography: Monique Alfaro, Jesselen Prieto

Monique Alfaro, Keya Mehta, Jesselen Prieto, Mallory Rhodes, Adisson Rocha


Choreography: Isabella Liang, Taylor Martinez

Rylee Bowers, Bella Campagna, Teresa Huang, Isabella Liang, Taylor Martinez, Isabel Moran, Marley Rivera

Ain't No Sunshine

Choreography: Bella Galarze

Bella Galarze

Chosen Path

Choreography: Honey Beimer, Melanie Dizon, Ara Ko, Jasmine Nakoud, Mariam Senno

Honey Beimer, Melanie Dizon, Ara Ko, Jasmine Nakoud, Mariam Senno

Golden Hour

Choreography: Katelyn Barrozo, Baylyn Allen, Falon Avelenda, Hannah Fitzgerald, Juliet Reede

Katelyn Barrozo, Baylyn Allen, Falon Avelenda, Hannah Fitzgerald, Juliet Reede


Choreography: Bella Galarze, Isabella Liang Taylor Martinez

Ayala Dance Production

Final Bow & Basket Raffle


Ayala Dance Production

  • Ashlyn Banowetz
  • Beverly Barajas
  • Rylee Bowers
  • Bella Campagna
  • Erin Chhor
  • Kenneth Do
  • Alexander  Dollar
  • Brandon Duran
  • Bella Galarze
  • Kameryn Gomez
  • Makayla Gonzalez
  • Addisyn Hamilton
  • Jake Hirose
  • Delaney Hovey
  • Teresa Huang
  • Kayleen Kim
  • Penelope Las Marias
  • Isabella Liang
  • Amber  Liu
  • Taylor Martinez
  • Brooke Masters
  • Isabel  Moran
  • Olivia Pluma
  • Marley Rivera
  • Lindsay Shen
  • Shelby Smith
  • Mason Stevens
  • Yael Tietz
  • Hailee Walker

Advance Dance

  • Lois Ahn
  • Monique Alfaro
  • Baylyn Allen
  • Ruby Avelenda
  • Charlize Avila
  • Katelyn Barrozo
  • Julianne Basurto
  • Trudy Chang
  • Jayda Darwin
  • Melanie Dizon
  • Kaylie Do
  • Erika Elizondo
  • Hannah Fitzgerald
  • Emma Fox
  • Priyana Jhaveri
  • Madison Kaylor
  • Ara Ko
  • Hayley Langley
  • Keya Mehta
  • Madison Miro
  • Makayla Modesto
  • Kaelyn Munemitsu
  • Jasmine Nakoud
  • Jayla Parulan
  • Priya Patel
  • Jesselen Prieto
  • Juliet Reeder
  • Malaia Reger
  • Mallory Rhodes
  • Adisson Rocha
  • Mariam Senno
  • Maiah Torres
  • Guangyu (Joy) Zhu


Dance Director

  • Mrs. Christina Hofstetter

Student Director

  • Bella Galarze

Assistant Student Directors

  • Taylor Martinez
  • Isabella Liang

Dance Captains

  • Delaney Hovey
  • Amber Liu
  • Brooke Masters
  • Makayla Gonzalez
  • Penelope Las Marias

Good Vibes Committee

  • Alex Dollar
  • Teresa Huang
  • Olivia Pluma
  • Lindsay Shen
  • Shelby Smith

Stage Manager

  • Abby Lane

Backstage Crew

  • Mrs. Leonor Bearden
  • Ms. Erika Bearden
  • Ms. Del La Rosa
  • Mrs. Jolly
  • Ms. Emily Tapay

Sound Technicians

  • Mr. Robert Davis
  • Axel Banda
  • Natalie Derona
  • CJ Marquez
  • Joey Rice

Lighting Design

  • Devi Bhatt
  • Jasmine Houde


  • Dania Nasredeen

Dancing with the Staff MCs

  • Jude Hijleh
  • Andrew Han
  • Gabriella Torres

Thank You

It is an absolute pleasure to be the Dance Director at Ayala High School. I am honored to be a part of a program that is filled with tradition, passion, and greatness. It's hard to believe that the semester has come to an end so quickly. Thirteen years ago we offered our first beginning dance class with 32 students. And this year, we continue to grow with over 150 dancers!!! I would like to thank Mrs. Yarboi, Mr. Cloke, Mrs. Taylor, and Mrs. Durham for their support and encouragement to establish and offer dance classes to our Visual and Performing Arts and Physical Education Departments. We look forward to continuing our legacy of dance classes and performances with new and continuing students in the upcoming years! To the student directors, it has been an amazing semester. Your passion, leadership, and love for dance is evident in every performance and every moment on the stage. Thank you for all your time and dedication to the dance program. To the Good Vibes Committee members and Dance Captains, thank you for all your hard work, kindness, and dedication you put into preparing for our fall concert. To the seniors, thank you for all you have done to make our program so successful over the years. May you take the leadership skills you gained from the Ayala Dance Program and become leaders in everything you set to accomplish in life. Share your joy for dance and uplifting spirit with those around you as you embark on your last semester at Ayala High School.

Tonight is a wonderful example of the opportunity afforded to our students to study the many styles and types of dance. For some, it is their very first time performing on a stage in front of an audience; for others, it is another chance to share their love of dance with an audience! A special thanks to Mrs. DeVillez, Ms. Yeh, Mrs. Sjol, Mrs. Mensen, Ms. Von Fleckles, Mr. Spellman, Mr. Ly, Mrs. Davis, Mr. Hernandez Estrada, Ms. Abby Lane, to our Dancing with the Staff judges and MC’s, Mr. Trost, Mr. Martinez, to all the Ayala Staff working backstage to make our show run smoothly, and to our Ayala custodial and security staff for keeping us safe. To the dance parents, thank you for your wonderful support. We would not be such a successful program without all your help, love, and dedication to these lovely dancers. I am very much looking forward to the 2nd semester and our Spring Dance Concert in April 2023. Wishing everyone a healthy, safe, and restful Fall break. Happy Thanksgiving!

Christina Hofstetter

Ayala Dance Director

Past Years