Ayala High School

Under the Stars

Spring Dance Concert

  • Saturday, May 15th 2021
  • Advance Dance: 12:00 pm
  • Ayala Dance Production: 7:00 pm


Hello and welcome to the 10th annual Spring Dance Concert Under The Stars. Today's performances embrace the change brought by the past year and embody the resilence of our dancers. This exciting show, held outdoors for the first time, challenges our dancers in new and unique ways. Routine tasks, like practice and choreographing, had to be reinvented to accomodate remote learning and socially distanced requirements. Over the past year, I have been inspired, humbled, and proud of these dancers; today I hope you experience the same.

Christina Hofstetter

Ayala Dance Director

Advance Dances

12:00 pm Show

The Originals

Choreographer: Roland Junior Gruspe

Angela Barrientos, Angelina Vasquez, Carlee Egge, Chaereen Lee, Clarissa Aguirre, Erica Jwijat, Lexi Lim, Mikaella Espinosa, Priscilla Tristan, Tiffany Kye

I Heard

Choreographer: Hailee Walker, Makayla Gonzalez

Daphne Master, Hailee Walker, Makayla Gonzalez, Samantha Canales, Yael Tietz

You're Half of Me

Choreographer: Brenda Murillo

Brenda Murillo

Can't Knock Us Down

Choreographer: Brianna De La Cerna

Amanda Plazola, Avery Montoya, Brianna De La Cerna, Chaereen Lee, Melanie Garcia-Mendoza, Tiffany Kye

Through the Years

Choreographer: Divine Milam

Angela Barrientos, Diane Ratio, Divine Milam, Erica Jwijat, Samantha Modesto, Priscilla Tristan

On a Ride

Choreographer: Brenda Murillo

Ashley Aguiar, Brenda Murillo, Carlee Egge, Isabella Alvarado, Mallory Rhodes, Mikyla Petrissans, Soraya Corydon

Nothing Breaks

Choreographer: Hailee Walker

Hailee Walker

Love Island

Choreographer: Angelina Vasquez, Mikaella Espinosa

Angelina Vasquez, Mikaella Espinosa


Choreographer: Hailee Walker, Soraya Corydon

Hailee Walker, Soraya Corydon

Senior Dance

Choreographer: Priscilla Tristan, Angela Barrientos

Angela Barrientos, Angelina Vasquez, Clarissa Aguirre, Erica Jwijat, Lexi Lim, Mikaella Espinosa, Priscilla Tristan, Shwetha Raman, Tiffany Lam, Xavier Rojas


Choreographer: Chaereen Lee, Chesir Ha

Chaereen Lee


Choreographer: Mrs. Hofstetter

Advance Dance Company

Ayala Dance Production Dances

7:00 pm Show

Rock with It

Choreographer: Divine Milam, Mariel Palacios

Ayala Dance Production


Choreographer: Divine Milam

Divine Milam


Choreographer: Henrietta Shellenbergar

Diane Ratio, Jewel Castro, Karyssa Frye, Penelope Lasmarias, Rachele Lee, Taylor Martinez

Staring at the Moon

Choreographer: Mariel Palacios, Samantha Modesto

Mariel Palacios, Samantha Modesto

Set Free

Choreographer: Isabella Liang, Taylor Martinez, Teresa Huang

Isabella Liang, Taylor Martinez, Teresa Huang

Through the Years

Choreographer: Divine Milam

Angela Barrientos, Diane Ratio, Divine Milam, Erica Jwijat, Samantha Modesto, Priscilla Tristan

Soul Sisters

Choreographer: Samantha Modesto

Emily Tapay, Lauren Pluma, Melody Li, Olivia Pluma, Sam Murray, Samantha Pavese, Giselle Budiman

Coming Home

Choreographer: Mariel Palacios

Mariel Palacios

Beautiful Liar

Choreographer: Divine Milam

Alyssa Quinones, Caitlin Tickenoff, Delaney Hovey, Isabella Liang, Katrina Cancio, Alice Li

Break Through

Choreographer: Delaney Hovey, Mariel Palacios, Olivia Pluma

Delaney Hovey, Mariel Palacios, Olivia Pluma

Pull Me Closer

Choreographer: Samantha Modesto

Samantha Modesto


Choreographer: Mariel Palacios

Beverly Barajas, Emily Darrington, Mariel Palacios, Raymond Galarze, Sebastian Encarnado, Teresa Huang

Senior Dance

Choreographer: ADP Seniors

Alyssa Quinones, Caitlin Tickenoff, Diane Ratio, Divine Milam, Emily Darrington, Giselle Budiman, Karyssa Frye, Luis Saupan, Mariel Palacios, Sam Murray, Samantha Modesto, Sheryl Chang

The Box

Choreographer: Tony Tello, Kyle Villalovos

Luis Saupan, Raymond Galarze, Sebastian Encarnado


Choreographer: Mrs. Hofstetter

Ayala Dance Production


Advance Dance

  • Amanda Plazola
  • Anais Martin Harris
  • Angela Barrientos
  • Angelina Vasquez
  • Ashley Aguiar
  • Avery Montoya
  • Brenda Murillo
  • Brianna De La Cerna
  • Carlee Egge
  • Chaereen Lee
  • Clarissa Aguirre
  • Daphne Master
  • Erica Jwijat
  • Hailee Walker
  • Hailey Evans
  • Isabella Alvarado
  • Kylie Chang
  • Lexi Lim
  • Makayla Gonzalez
  • Mallory Rhodes
  • Melanie Garcia-Mendoza
  • Mikaella Espinosa
  • Mikyla Petrissans
  • Priscilla Tristan
  • Samantha Canales
  • Shwetha Raman
  • Soraya Corydon
  • Tiffany Kye
  • Tiffany Lam
  • Xavier Rojas
  • YaĆ«l Tietz

Ayala Dance Production

  • Alice Li
  • Alyssa Quinones
  • Amber Liu
  • Bella Galarze
  • Beverly Barajas
  • Brandon Duran
  • Caitlin Tickenoff
  • Delaney Hovey
  • Diane Ratio
  • Divine Milam
  • Emily Darrington
  • Emily Tapay
  • Henrietta Shellenbergar
  • Isabella Liang
  • Jewel Castro
  • Karyssa Frye
  • Katrina Cancio
  • Lauren Pluma
  • Luis Saupan
  • Mariel Palacios
  • Melody Li
  • Olivia Pluma
  • Penelope Lasmarias
  • Rachele Lee
  • Raymond Galarze
  • Sam Murray
  • Samantha Modesto
  • Samantha Pavese
  • Sebastian Encarnado
  • Sheryl Chang
  • Taylor Martinez
  • Teresa Huang

Thank You

This past year has shown that there is so much to be thankful for. To my dancers, thank you for being resilient and serving as an inspiration to those around you. You came to school (whether virtually or in-person!) ready to dance and learn; you were a bright spot in my day.

Thank you to the Ayala High School and CVUSD staff. Your leadership over the past year allowed teachers to focus on what mattered, the students, while you focused on the larger picture.

And finally, thank you to all the parents, friends, and family members that are here today in support of the dancers.

Christina Hofstetter

Ayala Dance Director

Past Years