Ayala High School


Spring Dance Concert

  • Thursday, April 28th 2022
  • Friday, April 29th, 2022
  • Doors: 6:30 pm
  • Show: 7:00 pm


Good evening and welcome to the 12th annual Ayala High School Spring Dance Concert. The Ayala Dance program presents dances this evening that will surprise, mystify, and delight our audience. This is an exciting concert for our students as most of the choreography is created by the dancers themselves and the dancers are performing these pieces for their 2nd semester final dance project. Tonight is a wonderful example of the opportunities Ayala High School has for students to study dance, theater and the arts. We are fortunate that Ayala families value the arts and have supported these programs. With over 150 students participating in this evenings dance showcase, it shows that these artists have found a nurturing environment to learn, grow, and perform.

Special Thanks to Country Cousins Flower Shop, The Liu Family, The Hovey Family, The Martinez Family, Mr. and Mrs. Davis, Sue DeVillez, Divine Milam, Ayala Key Club, and The Ayala Administration Team.

Thank you all for coming and enjoy the show!

Christina Hofstetter

Ayala Dance Director

Act I

Don't Stop The Music

Choreography: ADP Student Directors, Shana Ned

Ayala Dance Production


Choreography: Mrs. Hofstetter

Advance Dance

Beat It

Choreography: Mrs. Hofstetter

Intermediate Dance

The Loss

Choreography: Alex Dollar

Alex Dollar


Choreography: Taylor Martinez, Isabella Liang

Katrina Cancio, Makayla Gonzalez, Delaney Hovey, Isabella Liang, Taylor Martinez, Olivia Pluma, Lindsay Shen, Emily Tapay


Choreography: Priyana Jhaveri, Bella Campagna

Priyana Jhaveri, Bella Campagna

Addicted to Love

Choreography: Unknown

Bella Galarze


Choreography: Delaney Hovey, Amber Liu

Ashlyn Banowetz, Alex Dollar, Carlee Egge, Delaney Hovey, Rachele Lee, Amber Liu, Samantha Pavese, Trinity Philips, Olivia Pluma

Broken Clocks

Choreography: Jewel Castro, Henrietta Shellenbergar

Jewel Castro, Brandon Duran, Sebastian Encarnado, Penelope Lasmarias, Chaereen Lee, Isabella Liang, Taylor Martinez, Brooke Masters, Brenda Murillo, Ella Ross, Henrietta Shellenbergar

Fast Forward

Choreography: Kayleen Kim, Karen Lee, Kaylie Do

Kayleen Kim, Karen Lee, Kaylie Do


Choreography: Mrs. Hofstetter

Beginning Dance

Great Gatsby

Choreography: Amanda Cathy, Jessica Wolf

Ayala Dance Production

Can’t Stop The Beat

Choreography: Mia Milano, Kameryn Gomez, Addisyn Hamilton

Mia Milano, Addisyn Hamilton


Choreography: Mrs. Hofstetter

Advance Dance

Canal Town

Choreography: Jinshi Yong

Rain Huang, Emily Lee, Jenny Shi, Annie Wan, Joy Zhu

Woman’s Work

Choreography: Henrietta Shellengergar

Ayala Dance Production


15 minutes

Act II

Get Up

Choreography: Divine Milam (ADP Alumni)

Ayala Dance Production

Disco Daze

Choreography: Bella Campagna, Kaylie Do, Haley Langley, Yael Tietz

Advance Dance

Easy On Me

Choreography: Mrs. Hofstetter

Beginning Dance


Choreography: Bella Galarze

Beverly Barajas, Bella Galarze, Teresa Huang, Alexis Lewis, Melody Li, Shelby Smith, Hailee Walker

At Last

Choreography: Julia Hamilton (ADP Alumni)

Jewel Castro


Choreography: Sayee Deshmukh, Josephine Liu, Jayla Parulan, Tiffany Shi, Joy Zhu

Sayee Deshmukh, Josephine Liu, Jayla Parulan, Tiffany Shi, Joy Zhu


Choreography: Brianna De La Cerna, Jael Parker, Melanie Garcia

Brianna De La Cerna, Jael Parker, Melanie Garcia


Choreography: Chaereen Lee

Chareen Lee, Kayleen Kim

Ordinary People

Choreography: Henrietta Shellenbergar

Henrietta Shellenbergar

Grease Lightning

Choreography: Kamryn Andrade, Micaela Argumosa, Asiya Sindha, Layla Aguilar, Tala Hijleh

Kamryn Andrade, Micaela Argumosa, Asiya Sindha, Layla Aguilar, Tala Hijleh


Choreography: Yael Tietz, Amanda Plazola, Gloria Hinojosa, Ashley Aguiar, Haley Langley

Yael Tietz, Amanda Plazola, Gloria Hinojosa, Ashley Aguiar, Haley Langley


Choreography: Sebastian, Brandon Duran

Brandon Duran, Sebastian Encarnado

Time Of Our Lives

Choreography: Mrs. Hofstetter

Intermediate Dance

Senior Dance

Choreography: Henrietta Shellenbergar

ADP Seniors

Missy Throwback

Choreography: Mrs. Hofstetter

Advance Dance

Time Warp

Choreography: ADP Student Directors and Dance Captains

Ayala Dance Production


Ayala Dance Production

  • Ashlyn Banowetz
  • Beverly Barajas
  • Katrina Cancio
  • Jewel Castro
  • Alexander Dollar
  • Brandon Duran
  • Carlee Egge
  • Sebastian Encarnado
  • Bella Galarze
  • Makayla Gonzalez
  • Delaney Hovey
  • Teresa Huang
  • Penelope Las Marias
  • Chaereen Lee
  • Rachele Lee
  • Alexis Lewis
  • Melody Li
  • Isabella Liang
  • Amber Liu
  • Taylor Martinez
  • Brooke Masters
  • Brenda Murillo
  • Samantha Pavese
  • Trinity Phillips
  • Olivia Pluma
  • Ella Ross
  • Henrietta Shellenbergar
  • Lindsay Shen
  • Shelby Smith
  • Emily Tapay
  • Hailee Walker

Advance Dance

  • Ashley Aguiar
  • Monique Alfaro
  • Julianne Basurto
  • Sophia Borjorquez
  • Bella Campagna
  • Brianna De La Cerna
  • Kaylie Do
  • Melanie Garcia Mendoza
  • Gloria Hinojosa
  • Priyana Jhaveri
  • Kayleen Kim
  • Haley Langley
  • Karen Lee
  • Keya Mehta
  • Jael Parker
  • Amanda Plazola
  • Jesselen Prieto
  • Mallory Rhodes
  • Ady Rocha
  • Yael Tietz

Intermediate Dance

  • Baylyn Allen
  • Sophie Aragon
  • Falon Avelenda
  • Katelyn Barrozo
  • Sayee Deshmukh
  • Melanie Dizon
  • Leilani Dominguez
  • Erika Elizondo
  • Carissa Estrada
  • Lilly Fawzy
  • Hannah Fitzgerald
  • Alexis Flores
  • Trinity Franco
  • Jackie Galindo
  • Savannah Garcia
  • Darlene Gomez
  • Paulina Haros
  • Madi Kaylor
  • Ara Ko
  • Josephine Liu
  • Asha Longsworth
  • Madison Miro
  • Kayla Modesto
  • Jasmine Nakoud
  • Emily Pacela
  • Jayla Parulan
  • Destiny Pinon
  • Juliet Reeder
  • Ellie Santana
  • Mariam Senno
  • Tiffany Shi
  • Angelysa Thomas
  • Maiah Torres
  • Enya Yang
  • Joy Zhu

Beginning Dance

  • Layla Aguilar
  • Lois Ahn
  • Kamryn Andrade
  • Ashlynne Andres
  • Cheyanne Andrews
  • Tegan Anunciation
  • Micaela Argumosa
  • Abby Bassett
  • Anmary Bautista
  • Ashna Bhandari
  • Madison Bishop
  • Alegra Cabral
  • Lee Antonette Camagay
  • Jonny Champion
  • Alyssa Charlotte
  • Francheska Fernando
  • Sabrina Gallarzo
  • Hailee Gapasin Flores
  • Kameryn Gomez
  • Addisyn Hamilton
  • Tala Hijleh
  • Sandy Huerta
  • Amanada Kidder
  • Abby Lane
  • Aneeza Laqueo
  • Alyssa Lee
  • Milena Leonis
  • Laylah Licon
  • Aaliyah Lopez
  • Alena Lopez
  • Jennifer Manfredi
  • Mia Milano
  • Ariana Morales
  • Jessica Munoz
  • Kaylee Parga
  • Gianna Pavese
  • Vincent Pham
  • Aniyah Ranger
  • Alex Sacramento
  • Chloe Shinohara
  • Summer Sibbrel
  • Asiya Sindha
  • Anusha Sivadalla
  • Ava Stebbins
  • Chris Sun
  • Océane Turnaco
  • Abria Turner
  • Kaitlyn Uesugi
  • Jalyn Vega
  • Abygail Villa
  • Jessica White
  • Sherron Wong
  • Jolie Yang


Dance Director

  • Mrs. Christina Hofstetter

Student Director

  • Henrietta Schellenbergar

Assistant Student Directors

  • Bella Galarze
  • Jewel Castro

ADP Dance Captains

  • Delaney Hovey
  • Amber Liu
  • Taylor Martinez
  • Isabella Liang

Advance Dance Captains

  • Kaylie Do
  • Bella Campagna
  • Haley Langley
  • Yael Tietz

Intermediate Dance Captains

  • Asha Longsworth
  • Jasmine Nakoud
  • Joy Zhu

Beginning Dance Captains

  • Kameryn Gomez
  • Addisyn Hamilton

Lighting Design

  • Johnny Champion

Stage Manager

  • Abby Lane

Sound Technicians

  • Joey Rice
  • Ms. Yeh

Costume Crew

  • Anmary BautistaDo
  • Aneeza Laqueo
  • Sayee Deshmukh
  • Jackie Galindo
  • Makayla Gonzalez
  • Maiah Torres

Good Vibes Committee

  • Beverly Barajas
  • Katrina Cancio
  • Teresa Huang
  • Rachele Lee
  • Samantha Pavese
  • Olivia Pluma
  • Emily Tapay
  • Shelby Smith
  • Ava Stebbins
  • Oceane Turnaco
  • Abria Turner
  • Mallary Rhodes
  • Jesselen Prieto
  • Addison Rocha

Thank You

It has been an absolute pleasure to be the Dance Director at Ayala High School. I am honored to be a part of a program that is filled with tradition, passion, and greatness. It's hard to believe that the semester has come to an end so quickly. Twelve years ago we offered our first beginning dance class with 32 students. And this year, we continue to grow with over 200 dancers!!! I would like to thank Mrs. Yarboi, Mr. Cloke, Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Durham for their support and encouragement to establish and offer dance classes to our Visual and Performing Arts and Physical Education Departments. We look forward to continuing our legacy of dance classes and performances with new and continuing students in the upcoming years! To the student directors, it has been an amazing year. Your passion, leadership, and love for dance is evident in every performance and every moment on the stage. Thank you for all your time and dedication to the dance program. To the Costume Crew, Good Vibes Committee members and Dance Captains, thank you for all your hard work, kindness, and dedication you put into preparing for our show. To the seniors, thank you for all you have done to make our program so successful over the years. May you take the leadership skills you gained from the Ayala Dance Program and become leaders in everything you set to accomplish in life. Share your joy for dance and uplifting spirit with those around you as you embark on the next chapter in.

Tonight is a wonderful example of the opportunity afforded to our students to study the many styles and types of dance. For some, it is their very first time performing on a stage in front of an audience; for others, it is another chance to share their love of dance with an audience! A special thanks to Mrs. Sue DeVillez, Mrs. Vivian Yeh, Mr. and Mrs. Davis, Abby Lane, Jonny Champion, Mrs. Paulette Ojinaga, Mrs. Alexis Sjol, Mrs. Debi Weiss, Mrs. Lee Bearden, to all the Ayala Staff working backstage to make our show run smoothly, and to our Ayala custodial and security staff for keeping us safe. To the dance parents, thank you for your wonderful support. We would not be such a successful program without all your help, love, and dedication to these lovely dancers. Thank you to everyone, you have made this year so enjoyable for me and to our Ayala Dancers.

Christina Hofstetter

Ayala Dance Director

Past Years